About Us

Founded in 1998 by a team of interpreters and IT experts with a long career in international oral communication, our company offers the invaluable advantage of dealing directly with professionals.

The coordinator of the interpretation and translation services has 30 years of experience in these activities, and offers her direct industry knowledge to define with you the services that best fit your needs and challenges.

Our fair pricing policy allows us to rely on the best professionals, with proven experience and ethics, to whom we can entrust confidently the translation of confidential or sensitive interventions and/or texts.

Aware of the synergy between the activity of translation (which allows us to take the time necessary to research thoroughly concepts and terminology) and interpretation (which keeps up to date with neologisms, trends and developments in professional and common language) we give preference to professionals who combine both skills and therefore have an updated and deep knowledge of the language used in their specialization field.

In order to guarantee the best service, and to the extent of their availability, Respaldo S.L. recruits preferably interpreters affiliated to the Asociación de Intérpretes de Conferencia de España (AICE). This is because the strict requirements of bilingualism and professionalism demanded to join this prestigious Spanish Professional Interpreters Association, as well as the ethical surveillance ensured by the same, are the best guarantee of the quality of the work of its members.

Since we all want to get the best for the price we pay, logically the best interpreters are the first ones hired. If you want to ensure that you are assisted by professionals with the highest level of knowledge and expertise, consider book your services as far in advance as possible.