Consecutive Interpretation

At conferences or presentations, the interpreter takes notes of the speech and translates it at regular intervals. The pauses necessary for translation increaase the duration of the presentation, but at the same time give the audience the opportunity to assimilate and meditate on the interventions, and, eventually, ponder an answer. This is why it is the preferred formula in the world of diplomacy, arts and letters, as well as in political and trade negotiations.

Interpretación de autores literarios
Writers and artists interpretation

The interpreter puts his deep knowledge of two cultures, his experience and his communication skills at the service of his customer. He is an indispensable ally, who helps to ask for clarification or to refine nuances, and a valuable facilitator of the progress of discussions.

Technical and human needs:

  • A seat for the interpreter
  • 1 interpreter
  • 1 public address system if the room is large or there are many attendees

In situations requiring a special safety distance, it may be advisable to opt for simultaneous interpretation with a portable device for this kind of meeting.