Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its foundation, Respaldo follows a continuous improvement process along the three axes of CSR:


Environmental sustainability:

We are committed to reducing the ecological footprint of our business. The constant review of our processes according to this criterion has allowed us:

  • To eradicate the use of disposable batteries. All our electronic equipment is powered by batteries and rechargeable batteries.
  • To reduce paper consumption
  1. The use of translation tools and large screens avoids printing the originals to be translated.
  2. In sworn translations, we give preference to digital signature, in order to save both hard copies and trips.
  3. We issue and receive all invoices and deal with administrations exclusively in electronic support.
  • Reduce energy consumption:
  1. total night-time shutdown policy (PSUs, power strips, etc.)
  2. natural air conditioning (vegetation, fans, awnings, reinforced insulation, reasonable use of heating…)
  • Minimize travel
  • We priorize telematic communications
  • We are strongly committed to Remote Simultaneous Interpretation. We have equipped an interpretation lab with the best technologies and configurations to offer a quality service equivalent or superior to face-to-face service.

Labor liability:

  • When assigning translation and interpreting jobs, in addition to their specific areas of expertise, we take into account the personal and professional circumstances of all our parners, in order to allow them a good work-life balance, reduce or shorten their travel time and avoid stressful situations.
  • When asigning jobs, we priorize the members of professional organizations, not only because of their ethical protection and the continuous training they offer to their members, but also because we sincerely believe in the values of cooperation.
  • We pay rates in line with the recommendations of industry organizations.
  • We offer lectures at universities (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad de Granada, Universidad Católica de Murcia…) and internship opportunities to help training the new generations of translators and interpreters, and we collaborate with professional associations in order to promote the professional development of their members.

Social responsibility: 

  • Price is not the only criterion for selection and purchase:
  1. We give preference to local trade and products;
  2. We take into account the CSR of the entire value chain, avoiding consuming products whose prices are incompatible with environmental and labour compliance.

Collaboration with NGOs of proven effectiveness and transparency, both as a company (Save the Children) and as individual partners (Red Cross, Doctors of the World, Amnesty International, Plan International)