Our Services


Specialized translations by highly skilled professionalswith the best quality/price ratio.

A simple procedure to obtain sworn translations with digital or hand-written signature quickly and efficiently, to speed up administrative procedures.

We solve your needs with a minimum exchange of messages or calls.


To ensure the success of your international meetings, we select bilingual professionals with the right profile for each topic and context. Respaldo, founded and managed by an experienced interpreter, knows the specifics of the service from the inside and helps you identify your needs and the best solutions for each situation.

Hybrid Events

Combine the best of face-to-face meetings with the reach and cost-effectiveness of remote sessions. The interpreters translate all the interventions from the set or the venue, or from an interpreting centre or office, in order to give the maximum diffusion to your contents, at the lowest cost. We help you select the best service providers in the industry.

Simultaneous Remote Interpreting

The ideal complement for your international video conferences. It allows each speaker to speak his/her mother tongue and to follow the interventions in a language he/she masters. Thanks to a professionally guaranteed remote interpreting service, no one will miss a word.

Portable Interpretation System

A reliable, convenient, practical and lightweight portable system for translating field visits, inspections, facility purchase audits, hearings, tours, interviews and small meetings while maintaining a safe distance between speakers, interpreters and attendees at all times.

IT Services

Specialist consultancy, development and support for language service providers, from large agencies to freelancers. We understand your needs, we know the difficulties and the best practices to streamline your processes and simplify your work. We integrate your devices and help you monetize your IT investments.

Respaldo Informacion y Comunicacion, S.L, founded in 1998 by language and technology enthusiasts, offers solutions for international oral and written communication with an ambition of excellence.

With a “boutique” approach based on the study of the specific needs and possibilities of each customer, we offer a comprehensive service of expert advice, selecting the best options in written translation, oral interpretation and multilingual public speaking training, to ensure optimal results according to the three guiding principles that define our work: suitability, precision, reliability.

The level of demand applied to our services, provided at average market rates, gives them a excellent value for money which has earned us the preference and loyalty of large institutional customers (international, national and regional administrations and public bodies, central banks, international relations promoting bodies, large embassies, various scientific and social foundations…) and corporate (law and audit firms, banks, engineering and architectural firms, transport companies, large industrial companies, environmental services, energy, construction and public works, export and service SMEs, etc.) We have a long experience in all fields of knowledge and activity of our time, and we have specialized in the following:

Economy and finance Business and commerce
Law and case law Environment and CSR
Politics Social affairs
Transport and energy Building, public works and urban planning
Industry (automotive, metallurgy…) IT
Medecine & pharmacy Dentistry, orthodontics, implantology
Agriculture and viticulture Gastronomy and oenology
Fashion and clothing Plastic arts
Performing arts Voiceover, subtitling, dubbing
Litterature and publishing Education and training

In each of them, we offer our full range of services:

Written translation:

  • Technical documents (specifications, technical offers, manuals)
  • Political, economic, scientific papers and surveys, etc.
  • Articles and press releases, interviews, essays
  • Trade documents (offers, contracts, annual accounts and management reports, work and product specifications, correspondence…)
  • Accounting and tax filings (audit reports, annual reports and accounts, tax studies, valuations…)
  • Sworn translations of official and legal documents
  • Subtitling or translation for dubbing of both technical and cultural content

Oral translation (simultaneous or consecutive): in person, remote or video

  • Meetings and seminars (workshops and technical conferences in politics, law, society, economy, medicine, professional associations);
  • Training courses (industrial, technical, computer, educational and management activities) ;
  • Presentations and press conferences (political statements; presentation of initiatives, projects, products and services to the public; inaugurations; awards…)
  • Interviews (political, institutional, business, scientific and artistic personalities.)
  • Bilateral or multilateral discussions (political and business negotiations and alliances);
  • Boards of Directors of multinational companies, European Works Councils meetings
  • Court, notary and registry appearances;
  • Digital content (direct interpretation or «voice over»);