The organization of congresses and meetings requires to attend to dozens of different needs, some of which stay open until the last minute. Therefore, the host needs to rely on the best professionals in each field. The aim is to ensure a perfect service, well ahead of time and with minimum need for interaction.

In a multilingual event, it is essential that each speaker can express him/herself in a language in which he/she feels comfortable – if possible, his/her own mother tongue – and can understand the interventions of participants who express themselves in another language. Interpretation will serve as a bridge between experts from different backgrounds and language communities.

So, once the agenda and the list of speakers have been fixed, the choice of the interpreters is crucial to the success of an international meeting. The best cast of speakers, state-of-the-art audiovisual media, an impressive venue or exquisite catering will be of little use if the participants cannot communicate fluently with each other. Regular organizers of international events know how much their task is made easier by the advice of a reliable interpreting team manager. Hence the extraordinary loyalty of Respaldo’s customers over decades.

The goal of Respaldo is to solve your needs with a single call or a minimum of emails.