International exchanges are essential opportunities for your future and your image. To take part in a business meeting, organize an event relevant to your sector or present a product or project, you have to invest yourself wholeheartedly.

If you don’t speak the language of your hosts, you don’ t want to compromise the success of your efforts because of language issues: you need an interpreter.

When we speak in a language we don’t fully master, we risk making mistakes that can lead to hilarious situations in the best case, or to misunderstandings or even misinterpretations that can go very wrong.

Thanks to their highly developed listening skills, professional interpreters grasp both the true intention of what is being said and its subtle nuances.

Their discreet assistance allows you to overcome the language barrier and to understand fully each situation. An interpreter is an ally who puts at your service an elegant language, a rich and specialized vocabulary, as well as a relationship ability, a flair for detecting the unsaid, avoiding the pitfalls of language, distorting false friends, and above all, building bridges.

In order to ensure the best service, Respaldo SL hires preferably the members of the Spanish Association of Conference Interpreters (Asociación de Intérpretes de Conferencia de España (AICE), whose very strict admission criteria – bilingualism, professionalism, experience – and ethical supervision are the best guarantee of quality for its members.

What type of interpretation is the right choice ?

Various systems have been developed to adapt interpretation to the wide variety of situations and needs that arise in practice: simultaneous translation, remote translation, consecutive translation. Respaldo helps you to choose the best solution for each practical case: