Portable Interpretation Device


The portable interpreting system is a mixed system that combines features of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

When a full-equipped interpreting booth is not suited, Respaldo offers a portable device consisting of a mike for the interpreter and a small station that transmits his or her translation into lightweight headphones used only by people who do not master the two languages handled in the session without lengthening the meeting or boring the rest of the attendees with the translation of each speech.

Its portability allows it to be used in visits to land, plants, facilities and outbuildings, in order to inspect processes, machinery, etc., respecting at all times the applicable safety distances.

It is also used for small meetings, with a few attendees, held in rooms that are not equipped for simultaneous translation and do not have room enough to install a mobile booth.

This device allows to maintain physical distance between interpreters, speakers and listeners.

Each piece of equipment is thoroughly disinfected before and after each use.

Technical and human needs:

Ultra-lightweight headphones are comfortable even during long sessions
  • A place in the meeting room for the interpreter(s)
  • Rental of a portable system (no assembly or pre-installation required)
  • 1 interpreter if the session lasts less than 90 minutes; 2 interpreters if the session lasts more than an hour and a half

Respaldo has its own portable interpreting equipment: a Sennheiser 2G Infoport system with a capacity of up to 55 people (expandable) and dual-language transmission.

All material, including recharging device, fits in a wallet or backpack.

Because it is so compact and lightweight, the interpreter can carry the material with him, streamlining the rental, collection and delivery process.

The extremely light headphones (less than 50 g) are comfortable even in long sessions

We care about environment: the system uses only rechargeable batteries.

This system is ideal when travelling by public transport, and for tours, study trips and travelling presentations.