Public Speaking Training

Speaking courses in another language

In our daily contact with senior management in the public and private sectors, we proudly observe the growing command of Spanish language between foreign speakers and businessmen. But sometimes when we speak in public in our second or third language, our communicative effectiveness does not reflect our true level of knowledge.

We only communicate when we are able to share our ideas with others, and that requires the basic skills of eloquence that allow you to express yourself well in any language.

Therefore, rather than continuing to take Spanish language classes, we would do well to learn essential communication techniques. We need to learn how to deploy in another language the art of oratory, the age-old technique that allows us to concentrate on what really matters -transmitting the message, expressing ourselve with nuances, solving and answering complex questions, convincing and persuading.

To acquire these skills, innovative training is required, providing personalized resources and confidence with a practical pedagogical approach, by bilingual instructors with solid teaching experience.

Respaldo has identified the best option: a method named «Public Speaking in a Second Language«. The course has been taught for 20 years by its creators. They are experts in helping senior managers and officials overcome stage fright and speak in public in another language, making optimum use of their language skills and adapting their speech and language level to each communicative situation – presentations, lectures, speeches, negotiations between large delegations, small international meetings.

If you want to understand how these courses help executives whose international projection is called to grow, ask us for a course presentation session of Public Speaking in a Second Language. Hundreds of professionals have already benefited from the effectiveness of the method, which fits in with their agenda, without anyone having been able to imitate it in all this time.