Remote Interpretation

In 2020 teleworking has become widespread. Videoconferencing has become an essential tool for maintaining and developing communications and business, and interpretation allows its multilingual dimension.

We have learned to overcome the challenges of virtual interaction: imperfect sound, lack of non-verbal communication and direct feedback, fatigue – obstacles that hinder communication in a foreign language.

Therefore, interpretation is even more necessary in remote communications. And thanks to the various solutions of digital and hybrid solutions, it turns out more affordable.

The combination of remote communication with remote simultaneous interpretation and broadcasting via the internet (streaming, podcasts, social networks…):

  • extends the reach of an event, bridging geographical and linguistic barriers;
  • promotes the projection and richness of training, dissemination and debate activities;
  • boosts the profitability of paying events;

Respaldo has specialized in remote interpreting with the determination to help its clients make the most of this modality. We are your best ally to understand the needs of your event, and to identify and select the necessary means and collaborators:

  • videoconferencing platforms;
  • interpretation platforms or hubs;
  • teams of interpreters;
  • production specialists;
  • production sets;
  • broadcasting platforms.

Based on our experience, we have summarized pir guidelines for participating in remote meetings with interpretation, which include specific recommendations for organizers, speakers, attendees and interpreters. They enable all stakeholders to take full advantage of this form of collaboration and optimize communication and understanding across any platform including Zoom[1].

[1] 0.1 To use the interpretation function in Zoom, it must be configured at the time of the meeting creation. Respaldo offers training and support to get you started, as well as short written instructions specific for each category of participants.