RSI: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) allows for the remote translation of face-to-face, remote or hybrid events. It allows the interpretation of meetings by videoconference, as well as large international congresses and events in multiple languages, using the best interpreters of each combination and specialty regardless of their place of residence, since it is no longer essential for them to travel to the venue of the meeting.

Gabinete Respaldo IC
Respaldo interpretation lab

So many remote simultaneous interpretation platforms have been developed to facilitate this remote service that it is easy to get lost among the multitude of trademarks and technical specifications.

To get your bearings in this jungle, it should be remembered that in addition to specialized and expert professional interpreters, good interpretation service requires three essential factors:

Respaldo advises you on each of these points, and if you wish, takes care of all aspects of their management.