Teresa Sans, Managing Partner

Teresa Sans

Teresa Sans, translator and interpreter with many years of experience, is in charge of Translation and Interpretation Services coordination at Respaldo.

She began translating in 1979 in the medical field, soon specializing in cardiology, traumatology, dentistry and, later, implantology. She also excels in the field of integrative medicine, drawing on her extensive study of traditional Chinese culture and medicine.

She is very active in the fields of law, finance, politics, technology and engineering, as well as the arts, gastronomy and oenology.

She has extensive experience in simultaneous interpreting, covering large and small meetings in Spain and abroad. The fluency and accuracy of her translations highlight the speaker’s worth.

She is especially brilliant in consecutive interpreting. Her rich experience and her empathy make her a facilitator of dialogue, very useful in the negotiation and agreement processes. Her in-depth knowledge of the French language and of French and North African culture eases effective communication and the creation of solid relationships.

As a sworn interpreter, she has a long track record of translating statements at hearings, whith the ability to quickly grasp the substance of the case and to provide the best performance in difficult contexts. Her mastery of the notes technique guarantees the accuracy, completedness and fluency of the translation and shortens its delivery.

In 1998 she co-founded Respaldo, where she is in charge of day-to-day management.